Our Story

Ear + Peace: A Purpose Driven Company

I started EarPeace in 2009 following a week of ear drum bruising fetes and playing mas in the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. While decompressing on the beach, I could barely hear the sound of the waves over the ringing in my ears. I knew there was no way I could enjoy a party like that again without really good hearing protection.

After trying everything on the market, I found that nothing met my specific yet not so unique lifestyle preferences: comfortable, stylish, high-performance and discrete. I knew from my own experience and in talking to countless others that a new brand of hearing protection was needed. And, an new way of involving artists and the entertainment community to create a meaningful impact. Hearing loss is an epidemic!

We officially launched EarPeace at SXSW in 2010. Since then EarPeace has quickly become the leading brand of hearing protection for live music and entertainment. We are also exclusive hearing protection providers to bands and brands like Metallica and Red Bull. EarPeace is headquartered in Washington DC with offices in New York, London and Tokyo. We have distribution partners in Canada, Brazil, Australia and countries throughout Europe.

Thanks for checking out EarPeace and making hearing health a priority!

- Jay Clark, Founder & CEO

"I simply wasn't willing to compromise on comfort, sound quality or style. EarPeace is a direct reflection of a personal quest to make attending loud shows more enjoyable."